Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The perfect shoe hunt..

Ok, that was quick. I think i may have found them? (see post before) 

Emanuel Ungaro "Branch" Heels - WAS :£524  NOW : £366.80

Im not going to buy anything yet, but i really like these. However, they look awfully steep. But look awfully amazing at the same time. Is it just me that thinks this? This is seriously not what i usually go for, but the detail is amazing and i loveee the overlapping straps




ej said...

the heel is AMAZING

Jenny said...

you are amaing

and i need to see you soon! xxxxx

millymoomoo said...

theyre not too high at all, grow a pair. theyre also not very nice. these are nicer :
and you can then spend £200 on a clutch to go with your outfit

sahar/esfandiari said...

they are beautiful !

ermm go graze the grass milly moocow, tasteless.

Jenny said...

hahah sahar i love you! xxxx