Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Chloes, no, Loubs, no Choos AHH

My brother is getting married this year or next and Mummy has agreed to buy me whatever shoes i would like, as long as they are no more than £500! 
I have had so many shoes on my wishlist, but cannot decide what ones to get? 

So if anyone has any ideas? or views? to what i should get please let me know. one downside, they cannot be black. as it is a summer wedding and would look "wrong" so? haha

i really cant decide. and want to get the perfect pair so i do not have to save up for any for a long time! haha



ej said...

OMG GET LOUBOUTINS i loveeee the red insidey bits
ah your so lucky :)
you should get some creamy coloured ones? ah i dunno im so jealous! xxxxxxx

Jenny said...

haha i was going to but i think theyre abit of a predictable choice(?) however i saw amazzzzing pinky scalely starppy ones but were like £890 AHH loll xxx