Monday, 1 September 2008

What I Wore Today

Afew posts ago I said I was going to start doing the "What I'm wearing" posts. I'd completely forgotten about it until this morning. So i decided to take a picture of what I wore today..obviously.
It's a really bad picture because I had to take it on my laptop as my camera had decided to run out of battery.
This is a really simple outfit, but I was only going into town for a bit to catch up with some friends.
And practically all of the clothes i'm wearing are really old.

Top (worn as dress) - Topshop, about a year ago.
Petticoat - ? mums from when she was a child.
Cardi - Topshop, about 120972864 years ago.
Belt -
And bag - Ebay

Here's a better picture of the bag because I LOVE IT. no wait it's not a better picture..I appologise for the really bad quality picture.
And I found a new setting on my webcam so i thought I'd put my bag in clouds..for some reason.
Well it is heavenly 

I also had some micro shorts on under the dress/top as it is rather short and i didnt want to flash everyone - it was very windy today!

Also, while i was in Paris I got some Chanel mascara.
I don't usually buy designer anything, but my granny had given me a tester of the mascara about 2 years ago, so i decided to buy it.
It was abit pricey but it is A-MAZING!!  (You can't really see in this picture - and my eyes look really weird)


ps - I will be doing more of these "what i wore today" posts...if i remember

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