Sunday, 3 January 2010

argh (outfit post featuring RPattz)

yay, out of focus...
Top-ASOS, Skirt-black boob tube with pirate flag tied on top, Tights-Topshop, Jewelry-Paris
It's been a while since an outfit post.. and this one isn't too great. This 'Chanel' t shirt is just an ASOS t shirt drawn on in Sharpie that me and a friend made..not too sure why? 



Alice said...

The t-shirt's pretty cute tbh, nice outfit in general :) x

'Lee said...

I really love this outfit, the creativity behind it is amazing!
Love the "chanel" top, great idea :)

Theory of a fashion victim

Anonymous said...

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kendal croix said...

girl youve got some gorgeous hair.