Thursday, 10 December 2009


My new favourite coat.

Jack Wills Floral Top

You guys should know that I'm a total fur addict and today I was in Cockfosters, North London and on the way home I passed a Mind charity shop which raises money for mental health research. In the window was this beautiful grey faux fur coat (first picture is its true colour) and I screamed 'OHMYGOD, I HAVE to have it', so I asked my mum if she could stop off anywhere near, and ofcourse, being London, there was literally no where to park. However, we found a little housing estate and my mum sat in the car as i rushed round the corner to the shop. Up close, this coat looks even more special, so soft and thick. I excitedly asked how much it was; £35. I had £32.. I told her not to let anybody else buy it and I ran round the corner to ask my mum if she had any spare change, we literally looked through every pocket of our coats and ever compartment in the car; I found £34.90 all together, the lovely lady let me have it (c'mon 10p's not that much) and told me to enjoy it, which I most definitely will!



oh emma said...

beautiful :) what camera do you use? xo

Alice said...
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Alice said...

it's really beautiful, so lucky :) my sister lives in cockfosters, she'll be disappointed she didn't see it :P x