Wednesday, 22 July 2009


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Blazer: Zara, T-shirt: M&S!, Shorts: Old jeans, Shoes: Aldo

I have to take my dog to the v.e.t's today, to get her annual jabs, however, I don't think this is the best thind to wear, where loads of black dog hairs are....


and someone's gone down my blog and clicked 'not' on every post..that's nice isn't it....


Alice said...

probably not the best thing no, but fabulous none the less.

evidently just jealousy, someone who can't dress themselves.


Alanna said...

who every clicked not is just mean and negative, I I'd give you a hot a few times over, I love the white blazer, I have been looking for one for quite sometime but I havent been able to find the right one!

Jasmin Alexia said...

i love those shoes

you have a lovely blog. keep writing!