Thursday, 5 February 2009

What do you think...?

I told you about the video project my friend was doing that I helped with a while back, but J has decided to make me an ad for the blog! She wants to go into something to do with movies/television so wants projects to improve her skills as she will be going to university next she offered to do this and i agreed.

However, I will post the whole video when it is fully edited etc..


I don't know how to make it bigger..



ej said...

i really wanna watch it but it always stops at 4 seconds so ive only seen that much so far :'(
you look MIGHTY FINE though
half term lets meet up yeaheyaheyah xxxxx

Jenny said...

YES DEFFINATLY! ahhh only just got your comment :( but im feeling friday or saturday? xxxxxxxxxxxxxx