Sunday, 1 February 2009

Morecambe & Wise

OhMyGoodness it has been sooo long since i have posted! im sorry

But i havnt really had any news..? and i have banned myself from buying anything for a while..

APART from this...

(sorry the picture is so small!) - Morecombe & Wise   Red Nose Day TShirt  Designed by Stella McCartney 

BUT, i have a feeling this could look really cool, non? I have ordered it about 3 sizes too big, as i want it to be bagggggy. and i have allowed myself to get it as it is for a good cause! (and is only £9.99)

Will post when it arrives.



sahar/esfandiari said...

did you know the morecambe guy lives in Harpenden?


Jenny said...

yeah i know! lol

my mum got soooo excited! she was like OOOO LOCAL PEEPS ON A T SHIRT.. ITS AMAZING :O hahahaha


sahar/esfandiari said...

lol yeah some guy on holiday told me when he found out i lived in Harpenden, how exciting.

I doo love Harpenden :)

Jenny said...

i know same!

i would go into my big rant about why i love harpenden..but ive probs already told you liek a million times and youre probs sick of it... haaaa