Saturday, 27 December 2008

What I Wore Today..

well not what i wore..but what I will wear. haha

I want shopping with my sister today, it was lovely, we visited the usual; Topshop, H&M, Jack Wills, Charity Shops etcetc.

Here's some of the things I bought.

Actually, i didnt by this today, it was my sisters but she never wore it so gave it to me! It was quite expensive aswell, so was a shock when she gave it to me! i think the sleeves are gorgeous and like how the main dress is quite plain, in contrast with the sleeves. 
I'm also wearing a Silver Snake Belt i got for christmas and Topshop wedges i got off Ebay (only £6.00!) bargain.

I also got this Dark Grey wooly Jack Wills jumper. It so warm and nice, ive wanted it for ages, but didn't really want to spend £60.00 on a jumper that I didnt think I would wear often. But i got a voucher for christmas from one of my good friends, so thought id have a look again. AND it was in the sale!
I didn't get my hopes up but thought i'd try it on, for the first time. I fell in love! haha it fits perfectly but is completly different from the sort of jumpers i wear usually(supper big, manly and baggy). 

(I don't have a clue why i am posing like this...)
I got this grey and white t-shirt from topshop, it was only £18, so i thought i'd buy it for casual occasions. 

I also bought some A-MAZING, Cassie [from skins] style, gold, sparkly t-bar pumps, i will post the later.

I also found some Doc Martins in a charity shop for..wait for it..£20! wow I was soso tempted but didnt have enough money at the time. I will probably go back to get them tomorrow.



ej said...

your posing like that because you FITTTTTTT xxxx

Jenny said...

haha oh sure... lolol