Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Out of the blue DIY

I havn't made anything for soso long, but I saw a picture of this girl wearing a backless jumper, so i thought I would put some see through sheer fabric on the back of an old jumper.
I LOVE see through clothes haha.

So, I found this old jumper (it was really ugly, but its cashmere)

and I had some sheer fabric lying around from an old DIY...

I cut the back of the jumper off, following the stitching (but leaving about an inch to sew) and then cut around the shape of the cut piece onto the sheer material, but leaving about two inches as it is not stretchy so would probably rip if it was smaller..

Here's what it turned out like, I really like it. And i really like it with a plain white top under.

I think i might get a plain black dress and do this to the back of it..


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