Thursday, 11 September 2008

What I bought today...

They've re-done the Topshop near me so the other day me and a couple of friends went to go check it out.

Here's some of the items I liked..  (I appologise for the AWFUL pictures but they were taken on my phone, but it gives you a rough idea of what they are like.)

This dress was truly amazing (these pictures really don't do it justice) but it was £70. However, mummy is going to buy it for me for my cousins wedding.

This dress/top was really confusing but very interesting and different (especially for Topshop) I really liked the sheer strips in it and it had a lovely cross back. However, I didn't buy it but more than likely will get it off the internet soon.

This was the only thing I bought, only because I swapped it with my man one which was far too big.

I also just bought this off the internet and will take a picture when it arrives. It was £38 which i think might be abit pricey as it is very plain  but i will see what its like when it arrives. 


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