Thursday, 4 September 2008

Big Matt And Fries

Afew posts ago I said how much I like Hedi Slimane's pictures. He's been my favourite photographer ever since I first found out about him, but now he has competition..

A couple of months ago Matt Irwin (or Big Matt And Fries as he's known as on Myspace) sent me a friends request. If a photographer or designer adds me on Myspace, I usually can't look at their pictures quick enough. However, for some reason (I don't know..), I didn't bother looking at his pictures. But, today I found him on my friends list and decided to have a look. The first thing that came to my head was, WHY HAVN'T I LOOK AT THIS BEFORE?! I really, truly have fallen in love with his photos. They're pretty simple, but he manages to make all his models look gorgeous (even Alice Dellal).

Here's some (I say some, but I mean ALOT) of my favourites...
(Wow, I've just realized I use brackets an AWFUL lot..oh and CAPITALS..AND dot-dot-dots...what's wrong with me?!)

He has also done alot of Dazed &  confused covers.


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