Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Tribe

When I was about six (1999) there was a program on channel 5 called The Tribe. It was about a Virus that killed off all the adults in the world so because there was no electricity and hardly any food, all the kids formed tribes against each other. My brother and sister used to watch it every week and I sort of remember watching it. It has run for 5 series' (and there are rumors of a sixth series being made). In 2003 it came out on DVD so we bought it (and all of the other series). We've watched them a couple of times since it's been on TV, but yesterday I was looking for something to watch and The Tribe caught my eye. So I have started watching it again and there was something I completely forgot about, the make up!
Each tribe has their own make up or face paint so you can tell who belongs to what tribe. The costumes are also really amazing.

I've looked all over the internet for pictures, but only found these. Sorry for the blurred ones.

The Tribe is truly my FAVORITE program ever!

I would recommend it to everyone. 


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