Tuesday, 17 June 2008

You Are Invited...

A couple of weeks ago Jasmine and I attended Graduate Fashion Week.
It was abserlutly amazing!

There was abit of drama at the station though...

There was nine of us trying to all cram on to an already full train, we were all terribly excited exspeshially me and a friend. I didn't want to scrumple up my ticket (it was so pretty!) so i decided to hold it instead of doing the sane thing of putting it in my bag. I was showing my friend how shiney it was as the train doors opened, she turned round and my ticket went FLYING out of my hand.
Apparently i screamed like someone had been murdered as everyone on the platform turned round to see what was going on.
We looked down onto the track and there was my ticket lieing in a very awkward-to-grab place. We had to get on that train though so we made the decision to leave it there.
Anyway...carrying on with the show...

We walked through the door with a look of amazement on our faces. There was clothes of every shape, size, colour, design you could ever imagine.
About half an hour walking around we made our way to the catwalk. We got to push into the fast queue because we had yellow stickers. Because we all ordered our tickets at different times we had to sit in different seats. So me and a friend had to sit on our own, we were quite close (not as close as Jasmine though, because she's "press")

Here are some snaps from the show (they are not very good as i was using my new camera and had no idea how to use it!)...

(it's cut half of them off! :( I'll fix it later...)


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