Saturday, 28 June 2008

"For The Discerning Fashionista"

I was searching around the net for an online vintage store and I came across Nasty Gal. It's only been open for a couple of weeks and already the majority of the stock is sold out. However, even if it was in stock, i doubt my purse could really stretch to these prices. The beauty of Nasty Gal is that they sell vintage and new items. Although the "buy new" items are coming soon, i still think it would be worth checking every so often to see if they have been added to the site.

So I guess these pieces are just going to be on my wish list...

My favourite is the Tina Sheer Slip Dress and the shoes with it aint to bad either. It is on the coming soon list, so I'm just going to have to wait and see if it is a reasonable price - i wish.
If not, which is almost certain, i might have a go at atempting making something simular, wish me luck!


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